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Quality Natural Rubber Products

Bounce Rubber Bands® is an importer and distributor of quality wholesale Rubber Bands, with a distribution centre located in Australia.

Bounce Rubber Bands® currently sell rubber bands to resellers in all industry sectors including florists, finance, corporate, food, agriculture, packaging, office supplies, industrial, education and media. We are also continuing to expand into other industries.

At Bounce Rubber Bands®, we source our rubber from Thailand where it is commercially produced in plantations. The latex that Bounce Rubber Bands® are made from is a renewable resource making our product a natural, sustainable and eco-friendly choice.  You can read more about how the Bounce Rubber Bands® are made.

We provide a variety of rubber band sizes, colours and packaging options. We also provide a customised service whereby we can produce anything that your company requires.  Our aim is to provide the best quality product with fantastic service ethics at industry best pricing. Bounce Rubber Bands® are only available through reputable distributors.

We have an online ordering system with LIVE stock capabilities. We understand the need to provide excellent products and services and aim to have your order processed & dispatched on the day of receipt.



Quality Natural Rubber Products



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