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Bossar consolidated its worldwide leadership as Horizontal Form Fill and Seal packaging machine manufacturer, becoming a worldwide manufacturer and provider with facilities in Spain and India; agents all over the world and manufacturing plants in Spain and India.

It has also contributed to the development of the packaging market in general, and the HFFS machines market in particular with many technological innovations: the first modular machines, the carousel system for pouch transport, aseptic applications for flexible packaging, and the new series of full servo-controlled HFFS machines.


Bossar is committed to package sustainability by engineering our equipment to use as little resources as possible in producing flexible pouch packaging of all sizes. 

The close collaboration with our customers and the experience in the design and manufacture of packaging machines enable us to have the largest range of applications and more than 1,500 machines installed worldwide.


Packaging & Containers



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Centro Industrial Santiga C/Can Magí, 2-4 08210 Barberà del Vallès , Barcelona