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Office Storage, Commercial Storage, Mobile Shelving Systems & Library Shelving. Our team of designers, engineers and technical specialists strive to create innovative, quality, cutting edge office storage and commercial storage solutions with a key focus on optimising user requirements, ergonomics, form and styling, product performance, functionality, and technological excellence. Bosco’s office storage cabinet range includes aluminium tambour door cabinets, desk cabinets, bookcases, lockers, mobile shelving, rolling storage, archive storage, library shelving, as well as executive furniture, office pedestals and mobile pedestals. Whether your need is a mobile caddy, a single office storage unit or bookcase, a range of office storage cabinets , desk storage, mobile cabinets or mobile shelving; Bosco Storage Solutions can provide you with smart, versatile and durable storage solutions.

WE BELIEVE IN WORKING TOGETHER At Bosco, we believe environmental response is an important management resource and appreciate the urgency for products and procedures that have limited environmental impact – commencing with design and development, through materials procurement, production, sale, packaging, transport and installation, and finally to product disposal and recycling. We are committed to exercising environmental best practice in all areas of our operations, decisions and plans and to providing products and services that have a positive impact on the environment. We respect the views of people both inside and outside our company to continuously improve our environmental preservation efforts and actively promote co-operation and alliances with related companies, external organisations, and institutions.


Business Supplies and Equipment



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