Blue IoT

Energy and infrastructure services

Blue IoT is an innovative boutique energy and infrastructure services firm who can deliver projects and refurbishments as a service fully opexed. We reduce energy, maintenance and operating costs while improving safety, efficiency, productivity, health and energy security leveraging the cloud and the IoT. We care about the future of our planet and care about delivering outstanding and incredible long-term and lifecycle cost savings for office & residential buildings, industrial facilities, retail, hotels, hospitals, healthcare and data centres.

To be the ultimate fully independent facilities and projects integrator, providing high value (TCO) refurbishments and D&C Projects as a service fully opexed with no upfront costs that will deliver sustainable cost-effective operations. We will leverage our trusted supply chain eco-systems, a hybrid of various innovative technologies, big data analytics, the cloud, and IoT. We also encourage organisations to be good corporate citizens in order to assist those less fortunate and help restore our fragile environment. Vision: To be the ultimate trusted adviser in assisting organisations across the globe to be future proof themselves through cost-effective operations, processes and supply chains. Mission: We deliver unparalleled innovation, customer service and independent advice that will deliver holistic solutions for the short, medium and long-term benefit of any organisation. Major beneficiaries will be the environment, local communities and society.


Energy and infrastructure services



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PO Box 71 , Doncaster, Vic. 3108