Bioregional Homes

Bioregional was founded as a charity and social enterprise in 1994 by Sue Riddlestone and Pooran Desai, two environmental entrepreneurs based in South London, who wanted to develop more sustainable ways of living.

We created our One Planet Living framework in 2003 from our experiences of planning and working with others to develop the multi-award-winning BedZED eco-village in South London, where our headquarters is still based.

Using this learning, we provide a range of sustainability consultancy services that make it easier for people to live sustainable lives within the planet's boundaries by:helping major developers create pioneering eco-communities supporting businesses, including retailers, to create sustainable products and services.

Our on-the-ground experience and creative thinking now spans five continents.


We work in four main ways

One Planet Living

We provide advice, tools and training to use our One Planet Living® framework and showcase the leaders. Some 595,000 people now live in, work at, and visit places that have a deep commitment to One Planet Living.

Sustainability consultancy services

We help companies plan and implement innovative and visionary sustainability strategies, products and services, so people can consume sustainably.

Sustainable homes and communities

We help developers create homes and communities that make it easy to live a good life, embedding One Planet Living into design, construction and operation. Through our subsidiary Bioregional Homes we also build our own truly sustainable 'One Planet Communities'.

Influencing wider change

Building on our practical experience, we nurture wider alliances and share powerful stories that inspire others and influence policy.


Bioregional Homes


United Kingdom

Company address

Bioregional, BedZED Centre, 24 Helios Road , Wallington London SM6 7BZ