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Eco-Friendly Products

Bermondsey Bits first opened its online shop in Sep 2018 and now sells various eco-friendly products which reflect our philosophy to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect”. Our first products, reusable bamboo straws, are hand crafted and made from a wild bamboo in Bali, Indonesia. We now also offer other bamboo and wooden products which you can view in our Shop. 

We’re increasingly aware of the plastic waste problem.  If everyone makes a few simple swaps for everyday items to reusable alternatives, it’ll make a huge difference to the environment


Our products are tried and tested by ourselves as well as our friends and families. We work hard with the suppliers to ensure the standard is met and continue to improve the products with the feedback from the customers.

Bermondsey Bits donates a portion of proceeds to charities. Currently, we support TreeSisters,  Marine Conservation Society and Southwark Food Bank on a regular basis. 




Eco-Friendly Products


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