New Ways for Energy Efficiency

BeeBryte helps commercial and industrial buildings lower energy consumption, generate savings, and reduce their CO2 emissions at no upfront cost.

We have developed an AI-based energy optimization software that predictively drives existing cooling and refrigeration systems (without any equipment replacement) to generate up to 40 % savings.


Today, HVAC-R equipment operates under the control of automation systems or a building management system (BMS) which have a fixed operation and can only react to the external & internal environment according to programmed logic.

BeeBryte offers an additional layer of intelligence that makes your system predictive and adaptive, unlike traditional reactive regulation.

In addition, we improve the operational safety and reliability of the installations (early detection of operating anomalies and drop in performance). Our solution also reinforces the temperature uniformity in the different zones and guarantees compliance with prescribed constraints, such as humidity & air quality, and comfort.

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New Ways for Energy Efficiency



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