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Commercial Furniture

Baseline Commercial Furniture is wholly Australian owned and operated, supporting the local and National community with its Manufacturing Plant located in Melbourne spanning over 4000 square meters. With 100 employees spanning over 4 Australian states all products are manufactured to each client requirements, sizes and finishes. With a strong focus on meeting environmental standards and requirements, Baseline strives to maintain environmentally responsible products and services. In support of this Baseline’s Queensland and Victorian factories, are able to produce products with AFRDI Level 6 ratings and Baseline workstations are all GECA approved. Baseline also supplies European furniture with high-level European environmental ratings, which together with the Baseline range, perfectly complements 6-star Greenstar projects. Baseline Commercial Furniture EMS Policy: “Recycling is an aspirin, alleviating a rather large collective hangover…over consumption.” – R. Lillienfeld, W. Rathje, 1998. Use Less Stuff. Baseline realise that complying with ISO 14001 is the first step in an important process that will sustain our environment and ultimately rejuvenate our planet. We are committed to the protection of the environment and the reduction of environmental impacts. As part of this commitment, Baseline will endeavour to: • Comply with IOS 14001 the International Standard for Environmental Management. • Actively market eco-friendly products, promote simple design and reject over-engineering. • Reduce or eliminate all harmful releases into the environment. • Establish methods to achieve agreed environmental targets. • Plan for and conduct site operations in a manner that safeguards health, while minimising environmental impacts and optimising recourses. • Comply with applicable accreditation standards including legal and regulatory requirement. • Participate in appropriate industry-wide initiatives for the protection of the environment led by government or by industry representative bodies. • Communicate with employees, customers and suppliers to heighten awareness of environmental issues and encourage active participation. Naz Grimaldi Director

Workstation systems, Task, visitor and lounge seating, Conference, meeting and utility table ranges, Metal storage solutions, and Architectural custom joinery pieces


Commercial Furniture



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