Eco-friendly Daily-use Items


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the planet and is widely considered to have a high ability to capture and sequester atmospheric carbon for up to 62 tons of Co2 annually per hectare. Higher compared to trees and consequently to mitigate climate change.

Then many durable products made from bamboo are also carbon-negative, because they act as locked-in carbon sinks in themselves and encourage the expansion and improved management of bamboo forests. Bamboo naturally purifies the air we breathe release 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stands of trees. maintain soil stability and prevents soil erosion, improves aesthetic value of the landscape.

Bamboo is an effective windbreaker, efficient rainwater harvester and prevents the occurrence of flash floods.

With Bamboo, plant only once and harvest for life.

Our Vision

Build regenerative communities and innovate products that cause no harm creating an ideal model for circular economy towards a sustainable future for people and the planet.

Our Mission

Saving The Planet Saving Lives


Innovate best products that cause no harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to plastic pollution, deforestation, climate change, insurgency and rural poverty.


Uplift the lives of the Indigenous People, slash and burn farmers, charcoal makers, solo parents, out of school youth, former rebels and women out of poverty.


Build a profitable community based social enterprise that ensures prosperous business in harmony with nature.


Build sustainable communities through responsible production and consumption.


Eco-friendly Daily-use Items



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