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Our mission is simple - reduce plastic waste while maintaining a healthy mouth.

We have done the research and created a product that can do both very well.

This consists: The Moso Handle ad The Charcoal Bristles. We also provide Free and Fast delivery.


Our dedicated team at Bamboozle have put in the hours and tested more products than you can shake a Bamboo Shoot at! We have personally tested various bamboo toothbrush & bristle combinations - which leads us to what we believe to be one of the most sustainable, user friendly, ECO friendly bamboo toothbrushes on the UK market right now. We have combined quality with comfort and used Panda friendly, naturally anti-mould Moso bamboo for our handle - beautifully crafted for maximum comfort and grip while brushing. We didn’t stop there, we insisted on using Charcoal Infused medium - soft bristles too!


Personal Products


United Kingdom