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As we focus on construction, you are all potential partners and we welcome you to collaborate in a professional way.We wish to organize a planning phase to offer the best solutions to each project. This is done in a classical way after understanding clearly the need of our customer: – the architect propose a design – the structural engineer analyze and calculate structurally the design – we propose our technical recommendations – all together we adapt reasonable solutions – our in house engineers design detailed solutions – we quote the project – the architect fulfil the building permit file Of course this planning phase has to be adapted to each project We need the creativity of architects. We love to deal with your talent. We are convinced that creativity in bamboo design is infinite. Don’t worry if, as many, you are not specialized in bamboo structure. We are used and keen to learn enough some basics in structure, frameworks and bamboo construction to allow you to design freely in the frame of the limits of bamboo.In order to build seriously we are closed to engineers. We are open to share, exchange, test and network. For sure we still have lots of knowledge to improve in order to have the chance to make more impressive structures or architectural challenges, made in bamboo. We also do appreciate to work with contractors on planned projects. And the flexibility of our teams allows us to adapt our job organization to the site situation. In the same way some bamboo builders in Indonesia and elsewhere are closed to us. At Asali Bali we encourage partnership and exchanges with our colleagues. Let’s connect competences to take part of the green wave in architecture and let’s have togather a new look on bamboo in term of sustainability and possibilities.

Building Materials

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