Bali Harvest

Eco Friendly Dineware Products

Bali Harvest first started out as an initiative to help recycling natural waste into various crafts for tableware and home decor. We believe in living the good slow life and savouring the moments in today’s ever changing world. 

At Bali Harvest, we are down-to-earth, simple bunch, who enjoy our time with nature and the crafts we create to reflect this belief. We want the same for our customers, which is why we choose and create products that inspire simplicity, warmth, and most importantly, story in your home. We pride ourselves in our traditional handmade process handed down generations to generations, where we only use sustainable raw materials mostly native in this island of God, and processed them in 100% natural way with no artificial chemicals involved. 

All our products are individually handcrafted by our local artisan team with passion and care of you as our customers in mind. We always check our products and make sure they are in their best quality before shipping them your way – in the end, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!


Eco Friendly Dineware Products