Aqua superPower

Marine Super-Charging Network

Aqua superPower was founded to reduce the impact of boating on our oceans and waterways by supporting the growing shift towards clean marine mobility.

Why It Matters

Marine ecosystems, which contain 90% of the global biosphere, are subjected to ever-increasing pressures from human activity. Marine transport, by unit, is one of the greatest contributors to the degradation of these ecosystems.

The Cost of Carbon

Emissions of CO2, N2O, and unburned hydrocarbons associated with the use of petrol- and diesel-powered boats, drive irreversible climate change and the increased acidification of our waterways. Meanwhile, fuel-laden bilge water and the noise disturbance created by internal combustion engines result in an ever more toxic seascape.

The Clean Boating Revolution is already here

Fully electric boats offer all the performance of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) equivalents while eliminating their destructive impact and, with over 70 electric boat builders currently in operation, there is a growing and fast-evolving range of models for boat lovers to explore.

Governmental and corporate policy adopted to meet zero emissions targets will accelerate the trend - as will regulation in protected areas such as marine reserves and areas of outstanding natural beauty, with more and more locations becoming accessible solely to electric boats.


Marine Super-Charging Network


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