100% biodegradable and vegan products

In affiliation with Acala 100% biodegradable and vegan products

Alz Company provides earth friendly alternative products to reduce pollution

We provide resources, food and our products to people in need and strive to end extreme poverty

Our collaborations with artists of all mediums around the world create awareness of important issues, environmental impacts and show people how we can solve the problem

Our goal is to get people involved in making a difference...

Every Little Bit Helps 

each purchase is a step closer to a better future



Our policy guarantees that 60% of the profit goes towards providing eco friendly products, resources and organic healthy foods to people in need

We believe the most important issues now are the climate crisis and the only way to begin to eliminate the problem is by providing affordable living, food and products to help people in poverty transition into  a self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle 



100% biodegradable and vegan products


United States

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East Huntington Drive Monrovia , CA 91016 1121