Alyada International

Natural Drinking Straws

A newcomer among eco-friendly straws gaining world recognition is the Sedge grass straw. The scientific name of Grey Sedge grass is Lepironia articulata. The stem of the Sedge grass has similar dimensions and thickness to traditional plastic straws. Once it is sustainably harvested, purified and dehydrated, it becomes the perfect durable , cost – effective , biodegradable straw.

     Alyada International (Thailand) is supporting local farmers by sourcing their Sedge straws from the Mekhong River Delta in southern Thailand, where it is found naturally growing. The process for making these straws starts by cutting the long grass stocks and washing them. Then they are cut into 20 centimeter tubes, the interior space is cleaned with a sterile rod, and then the stocks are washed once more.

From this point the Sedge straws can either be wrapped in banana leaves and packaged for immediate distribution or dried out to preserve them longer. Fresh cut Sedge straws will last for up to 2 weeks with refrigeration and by placing them in resealable bags. When fresh cut Sedge straws are preserved, they will last between 6 months to a year at room temperature. To dry out the straws, they are first dehumidified for 2-3 days before being baked, packaged and then distributed. Both types of Sedge straws are completely biodegradable and no harmful chemicals are used in their manufacturing. They can be a single use biodegradable item in restaurants, or can be reused several times in households. By chewing on Sedge straws  a person can also clean their teeth and gums.


Natural Drinking Straws