Plant based Meals

We’re obsessed with the power of plants and how more of us eating them can help transform our planet. In plants’ natural, renewable energy and that millions of us trying to change how we eat is better than a handful of people being perfectly sustainable.

Plant based Meals

Every recipe is crafted to balance health and taste. Made by chefs, taste-tested by us

Deliverd Frozen

To lock in nutrition and taste, from our kitchen to yours when you need it most

Sustainably Produced

From food to delivery, everything is designed to protect the planet


We believe creating happy communities and healthy ecosystems starts on our plate, but it doesn’t stop there which is why we choose to go after our mission in a way that’s both Planet-kind and Human-kind.

We achieved B Corp Certification in 2018 to verify these efforts and join a growing movement of B Corporations using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. By 2021 we had a score of Outstanding and are one of only a handful of B Corps to have achieved this.


Plant based Meals


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