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Technological Project Management

Expert Planning for Technological Engineering - Feasibility Studies - Biomass surveys, material flow analysis, contract negotiation, approvability studies - Concept and Project Development - Biogas plants, heat efficiency concepts, combined cycle power plants, bioenergy villages - Technology Comparison and Evaluation - Single component and system comparisons, process analysis - Energy Concepts - Combined cycle power plants, micro networks, process steam supply, ORC-plants, fuel cells - Economic Analysis - Tailored and system approaches - Approval Planning - Preliminary planning, concept adoption, approval planning according to national and international law - Construction supervision, quality management, start-up - Supervision, Training and Schooling - Analysis and biological process assessment, technical management Financial Project Management - Commercial Project Management - Economic Analysis - Investor Consolidation - Operating Control - Branch Office for Biomass and Biomethane Pooling

Biogas Power Plants, Biomethane, Alpha-, Basic-, Detail Engineering, Concrete Tanks, Enamailled Steel Tanks, Digester, Post Digester, H2S Scrubber, Chiller and Cooler, Controls and Instrumentation, Flare, Container, CHP, Biogas Upgrading, Piping, and Biogas Storage Systems


Technological Project Management



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