An Eco and Economic Friendly Initiative

ALANNS, founded in 2008 is an innovative business venture to produce various types of jute bags and cotton. More than a business, it’s an eco friendly movement to spread the message to people about the importance of protecting our valuable resources and nature. Apart from business outcome, the initiative has shown great social commitment by empowering women from rural areas of Kerala.

Our Vision

Let’s Build a GREEN EARTH

Eco-friendly movement

Women Empowerment

Entrepreneurship among youngsters



At the ‘Alanns’ Design Studio, each bag isardently developed by enthusiasts who, for more than a decade now, have been driven by one common fundamental – ‘Opportunities must meet Preparation’ and #Let’s build a green earth efficiently is thus indispensable. We aer mavericks who don’t settle for anything but the best and yet create gear that is affordable and unique. Each product is intuitively crafted in ‘from @ functionality’ and also put through endurance tests in the real woeld to ensure unsheakable reliability. As we strive to equip you with perfectly balanced Alanns for your ever- changin need: we keep reminding you- “let’s build a green earth” We are so happy you decided to take this challenge with us! Remember, ripples make waves. Together we CAN make a difference! And it starts with YOU!



An Eco and Economic Friendly Initiative



Company address

Puthanpatha, kozhinjampara.P.O., Kallandichalla Road , Palakkad Kerala