Advanced Mud Recycling

Recycling Services

Advanced Mud Recycling (AMR) in Bohle is Townsville’s leading mud and dirt recycling facilities. Our filtration and recycling plant effectively disposes of mud, dirt and slurry from hydro vacuum trucks and excavation operations.

We use modern equipment to dispose of waste in a timely and affordable manner. These methods of e-waste recycling ensure the safe removal of mud and slurry, which may potentially be harmful to public’s health and the environment.

By utilising the most up to date recycling technology in our plant we benefit from being able to provide clean dry fill for your next project and we also minimise the impact on the local water supply.

Using our innovative approach, we recycle all the hydro vac water and separate eg. sand, soil and gravel for reuse, then filter out the water for reuse in the hydro vac truck – refilling with recycled water.

We aim for a closed loop system were everything that enters is recycled or reused aiming for best environment outcome.

We are Townsville’s most central hydro vac dump station and when time is money your quick off load and turn around will mean you are back working sooner.

Whether it is a single truck, or a whole fleet, call Advanced Mud Recycling today.

Our waste recycling services includes recycling in Townsville region and outer suburbs.


Recycling Services