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Who We Are 

  • The Leader in the market development of Biomass Gasification Equipment
  • The Leader in the development of the rapidly expanding Integrated Energy Crop to Grid Power sector in Southeast Asia
  • One of the Philippines' foremost sales and service companies for energy efficient chiller technologies

Advanced Energy Technologies / Renewables Plus Co. Inc. (AET) is an energy efficiency & distributed power generation company.   AET is an expert at project development in the waste-to-energy technologies of biogas and biomass power plants.  AET promotes the use of advanced and more efficient power drivers and energy systems for the growing distributed power sector in the Southeast Asian region.  AET operates primarily in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.  With local partners, AET develops projects in Cambodia and Myanmar as well.  Importantly, AET maintains service capabilities for power plant & chiller machine operations & maintenance through dedicated technical resource personnel in its major markets with offices in Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta.  


AET was founded by successful renewable energy power plant developers. AET's principals were the founders and executive managers of the Asia Biogas Group of companies. Founded in 1998, the principals developed the largest biogas project development company in the Southeast Asian region, with nearly 90 biogas plants designed, engineered, financed, constructed, commissioned and operated throughout the region. These projects include the world's two largest biogas plants combined output of 325,000-m3 biogas per day) and several of the region's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects.  The team oversaw the development of nearly 50 approved carbon projects by the UNFCCC, one of the largest carbon portfolios in the region. 

During the last three years, the three principals of AET began to develop projects in the biomass gasification energy sector.  Principally, working off non-conventional biomass fuels such as coco husk and empty fruit bunch (EFB), the team designed fully integrated waste heat/energy recovery systems with feed preparation systems to work off high moisture content ag-residues.


Biomass Gasification Equipment



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