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Insulation for noise control

Noise control products and solutions with satisfaction guaranteed since 1985 For all your soundproofing requirements, we have acoustic products and solutions for you! We manufacture barriers and absorbers for noise control in walls, ceilings, floors, roofs and waste water pipes. We also provide and install custom noise absorbing decorative wall and ceiling treatments. A comprehensive range of soundproofing and vibration damping products are available for marine, automotive and industrial applications. Be it residential, commercial, industrial acoustic and thermal insulation – talk to us about your difficult requirements where 'off the shelf' products and processes are no more than a compromise, we can custom engineer a solution for you. To live without unwanted noise is not a luxury but a necessity.

Award Winning QuietWave for walls, ceilings & floors, AngelStep for floors, VyBar for marine & transport, GreenLAG Pipe Lagging, AEROPAC Ventilators - fresh air without noise/pollution, and Large selection of absorbers and barriers for every need.


Insulation for noise control

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