Seals and Insulation

For more than 70 years, Planet lowering gaskets have made threshold-free doors seal against the ground. It all started in a carpentry shop in Zurich. Here they worked out the first Planet drop-down seals for doors and developed them continuously.

The effect was not long in coming, conquered but the carpenters with the Planet Absenkdichtungen a market niche. Finally, the production of the Planet Absenkdichtungen was outsourced and sold in 1998. 

This change of ownership resulted in today's Planet GDZ AG based in Tagelswangen, Zurich. Now the innovative owners, René Gyger and Andreas Dintheer, successfully continue the company history of the company.

Planet GDZ AG is constantly developing new, special variants of drop-down seals, producing them in Switzerland and delivering them worldwide. "As a Swiss producer of high-quality drop-down seals, being close to the market is very important to us in order to identify the needs of our customers and to develop solutions for them."

With the launch of the comprehensive Planet Fingerschutz ® program in 2016, the company enters a new market segment and opens another, successful chapter in its history. Planet Fingerschutz ® protects your fingers from painful bruising at the side door sill. 

«Little effort - great protection for your fingers. With the Planet Fingerschutz ® roller blinds and cover profiles we have the ideal solution. » 

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Seals and Insulation



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