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Green interior design service worldwide

The 2plus4 interior design was founded in 2014. We were not just focused on design work, mission is to innovate a concept that we can make use of construction/decoration wastage to contribute to environmental protection and create a better world.

We care about the low-income neighbourhood and homeless people, and we are willing to offer an economical interior solution to them. That's why we form an innovation team to see more possibility for how we can change people's mind, not just donate money to environmental protection related organization. We are aware that too much wastage in every construction project, either from enterprise or family. To reduce wastage is our mission, where to find more recyclable material and would not damage the environment. We need more people to find those out and share the knowledge.

Quality construction in Hong Kong.

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Wasting too many non-recyclable materials such as natural stone and non-sustainable timber

Change this practice by embracing other recyclable and sustainable materials to achieve the same result

Many suppliers were providing Eco-friendly products.

To combine such products with intelligent interior designs that maximize natural lighting, ventilation

Offer a sustainable and Environmentally-friendly lifestyle to you

No more waste!!

Part of the garbage have come from the construction waste.

Why we need to spend the resources that we already have.

Design your style with re-use / or renovated the existing furniture and give a newborn life for these materials.

Donate your furniture to the people who needed.


Green interior design service worldwide


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Room 901, Fuk Hong Industrial Building, 60-62B Tong Mi Rd, , Mong Kok


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