The LOOP Dubai, a 93km indoor green hub

Dubai, which has historically been largely focused on automobile transportation, is transforming into a human-powered transport city. The LOOP is a 93 km (nearly 58-mile) sustainable pathway for walking and cycling. A comfortable and climate-controlled area that promotes walking and cycling to promote healthy living among the inhabitants of Dubai.

Currently, most of Dubai relies on cars and taxis to reach necessary locales. The LOOP aims to replace this with walking, running, and cycling. The footpath system is intended to reduce the number of vehicles on streets by 80% by 2040, giving rise to a traffic system that considers people first and that provides citizens with safer and healthier modes of transportation. This goes along with Dubai’s goal of improved social infrastructure and facilities for residents.

The indoor green space will integrate services with wellness and leisure facilities to be shared by neighbour hoods and allow human-powered access to all districts of the city. Pocket parks and gardening allotments will help promote social engagement bringing people together to forge a stronger sense of community.

It will be indoors in one of the hottest places on Earth, requiring climate control. How will it be considered sustainable, you ask? The Project will generate electricity through kinetic energy. The human footsteps will be transformed into renewable energy via kinetic paving. The specialty floors move to activate electromagnetic induction generators.

The LOOP in Dubai is an ambitious project that might be a glimpse of the future for humanity. While it would be preferential to have open-air green spaces, renewable-powered enclosed green spaces in hotter climates may be the only way to allow humans to get out of their cars.





Source Happy Eco News

March 28, 2023