From eco-friendly paints to recycled wallpapers,expolore a wide range of sustainable finishings.

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Gib Primer/Sealer

The perfect plant-based primer for sealing new standard gib. A natural, environmentally responsible primer and sealer for standard new gib and plasterboard. Pleasant smelling and free of all VOC's and harmful chemicals.

Interior primer/sealer for:

- New Gib board (not aqualine)

- New plasterboard

- Mud brick (if a primer is required)

Not recommended for resinous timbers, metal or particle board - use Natural Paint Co Undercoat/Pigmented Sealer or Specialty Undercoat (refer to information sheet)

Caring for the planet

We pride ourselves on offering a safe and healthy range of sustainable, high quality, affordable and durable finishes that are not only naturally beautiful to look at but also to live with.

EcoCoat Paint

EcoCoat paint is a low-luster  recycled paint that combines the benefits of quality primers, sealers, and exterior and interior water-based paints of all gloss levels.   Our paint provides superior coverage on drywall, stucco, vertical concrete and cinder blocks, as well as old and newly primed wood at about half the cost of virgin latex paint.  Now available in 26 colours, EcoCoat paint brings beauty and durability to any project, indoors or out.

Features & Benefits

Versatile interior or exterior performance

Exceptional adherence to a Ecovariety of properly prepared surfaces

Superior flow and levelling properties

High hiding power, often with one coat

Variety of attractive colours

Durable low-sheen finish, performs like satin-plus

Washable and scrubable after a 30 day cure

Resistant to moisture and colour fading

Filtered to industry standard for ease of application

Up to 50% less cost than a comparable virgin latex

May be blended together to create custom colours

Accepts after-market paint additives

Lab tested for performance

Lower VOC levels

Recycled Newsprint Wallpaper

Made in the Philippines, our eco-friendly newsprint wallpaper is made from recycled newspapers. It is a textured wallpaper that is available in four different colours (pearl, gold, bronze and silver) in rolls of 3′ wide x 36′ long (108 square feet per roll). Newsprint wallpaper can easily be installed on any interior surface.

Bio based Polymer

We designed a proprietary polymer for the bio-cycle.


We use inputs derived from sugar, instead of fossil fuels.

Clean oceans

We design our materials to naturally degrade, keeping our oceans microfiber-free.

Textile circularity

Our textiles fit physical and chemical recycling schemes, as well as industrial composting.

Reduced emissions

With a lower processing temperature, our materials require less energy in production.


Drop-in fit for existing equipment.

We started with the traditional inputs used to make poly(butylene succinate) and tailored the chemistry to enhance manufacturability and overall performance for textile applications. 

Let’s make synthetics renewable.

Kintra brings a farm-to-fiber story.

Traditional fossil fuel-based synthetics represent two-thirds of the global fiber market. The production of petrochemical-based polyester (PET) alone accounts for more annual oil consumption than the entire country of Spain.* 

At Kintra, we envision a future for the fashion industry that is free from fossil fuels. Our inputs are derived from sugar instead of petroleum, and we design our materials to fit industrial composting. From our perspective, Kintra materials are “leased” from nature to humans and formulated to return to the soil from which they originate. 

Let’s end microfiber pollution. 

Kintra works alongside nature to keep our oceans clean.

Each time you do laundry, millions of microfibers shed from your clothes. Microfibers from PET, nylon, and their recycled or bio-based versions get through wastewater facilities and pollute the oceans with tiny plastic particles, equivalent to 50 billion plastic bottles per year.* 

At Kintra, we believe the planet deserves clean water. We’ve designed our materials to naturally degrade in the aerobic environment of a waste water treatment facility, keeping our oceans and soil clean.

Sustainable Textura Thermosaics 3D Tile Mosaic

Textura Thermosaics is a 3D tile mosaic made from kiln dried and thermally modified sustainably harvested North American Fir. Available in several different patterns, the mesh backed tiles enable a seamless look bringing geometry to the next level.  Also available in a site-applied Class A (for FIRE) coating, the Textura THERMOSAICS can go anywhere.


Made of North American and sustainably harvested FIR

Mesh-backed for a simple and seamless installation

Kiln dried and thermally modified for added stability

Available in the natural color, but can easily be stained onsite to suit any colored décor

Product Documentation

Care and Maintenance

CSI Specification

Installation Instructions

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Installation Methods

Direct glue

Composition and Construction

Kiln dried and thermally modified North American Fir on a mesh backer

UV sealant finish

Fire Rating

Fire retardant can be applied on site

VOC Free Paints

We currently offer one type of natural, environmentally friendly paint:  Marmopure Paint.  Our paints are made with the finest ingredients, including reclaimed Italian marble, white porcelain clay, and earth and mineral pigments from France, Cyprus, and Italy.  They are significantly richer in color, texture, and hue than conventional latex paints.  ALL UNEARTHED PAINTS ARE NATURAL, ECO-FRIENDLY, AND 100% VOC-FREE.

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