Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

South Africa


Number of rooms 27

Kids of all ages welcome


Swimming Pool



Whale watching

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is an eco-luxury lodge set in a piece of unique Cape fynbos. It is a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the world and offers guests an immersive experience in nature. It is well located to enjoy the annual migration of the Southern Right Whales and enjoy the spectacles of the Great White Sharks.

Grootbos is a leader in responsible tourism and has dedicated this practice throughout its operations. It is in the very DNA of Grootbos. It has an extensive sustainability dashboard measuring carbon emissions, water foot printing in accordance with the Green House Gases Protocol in line to a level 3 scope. Grootbos has 6 years of data on record from which it is able to draw data and measure the various sustainability measures with.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is set in the smallest, yet most biodiverse of the worlds plant kingdoms, the Cape Floral Kingdom. Grootbos celebrates this unique biome and offers and experience immersing guests into this unique piece of nature. Grootbos's ongoing dedication to the conservation of this biome has led to 6 new species to science being discovered by the conservation team and over 853 plant species documented on the property alone. A unique, highly endemic heather comes into bloom in the winter months and transforms the landscape into a picturesque sea of pink.