Good Energy to launch home heat pump tariff in UK first

Green energy supplier Good Energy has today announced plans to launch a new flexible tariff for homes that use heat pumps in the autumn, in a move designed to help customers capitalise on the government’s recently-announced £2bn Green Home Grant scheme to support energy efficiency improvements.

Announced by the Chancellor earlier this month as part of a £3bn package of promised green building funding and support, the Green Home Grant scheme is set to allow homeowners to claim up to £10,000 to help upgrade their homes to become more energy efficient, with cost having long been seen as a major barrier to installing energy efficiency upgrades and technologies such as heat pumps.

Good Energy said its new “competitive” tariff, which will be powered by renewable electricity, would help homeowners drive down costs of operating heat pumps, offering cheaper energy rates at specific times of the day to allow them to use their heat pumps cost-effectively.

Juliet Davenport, founder and chief executive of Good Energy, said the new heat pump tariff would help the Green Home Grants scheme “go further” in delivering its aim of weaning the UK’s homes off gas-powered boilers.

“This tariff will be designed to make it as easy and affordable as possible for people to get rid of dirty gas heating their home and start using clean electricity from renewables,” she added.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on the government to follow up its £3bn energy efficiency package with further investments that can decarbonise the UK’s housing stock, which is responsible for more than a fifth of the country’s emissions. Earlier this week, the Confederation of British Industry called on the government to ban conventional gas fired boilers by 2025 in order to accelerate uptake of green heating alternatives, such as heat pumps and hydrogen-ready boilers.



By Cecilia Keating

Source: Business Green

July 27, 2020