Fowl play? Study says turkey poop could help replace coal

A new study out of the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research suggests the treated waste from turkeys, chickens and other poultry could replace up to ten per cent of the coal used in electricity production. Scientists say poultry waste generates heat at high temperatures and combusts in a similar manner to coal, making it a good renewable energy replacement.

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Disposing of poultry waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is an ongoing problem for farmers. Converting it into energy could help solve that issue.

“Our findings could help significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity generation and agricultural wastes,” Professor Amit Gross, a chair at the Zuckerberg Institute, says in a statement, adding that larger-scale experiments should confirm their laboratory findings.

Coal fuels approximately 41 per cent of the world’s electricity, according to the World Coal Foundation.

When coal is burned, a number of elements are released into the atmosphere, including mercury, lead and arsenic. It also emits carbon dioxide which warms the environment and contributes to climate change.

Scientists say combining the use of coal with a renewable resource like poultry waste could lead to a significant reduction in these emissions.

The full paper can be found in the Journal Applied Energy.

Source: Applied Energy

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