Decarbonise call for N Ireland

The Northern Ireland Renewables Industry Group (NIRIG) will today publish a strategy to decarbonise the country’s energy sector by 2050, while promoting economic development and keeping costs low for consumers.

The strategy will recommend a range of measures to provide long-term policy certainty, including setting the 2050 target for decarbonisation.

Research is also being commissioned into setting an interim goal of 70% by 2030, NIRIG said.

“A review of the impact of Brexit on energy policy is needed urgently, along with a renewed focus on the skills and innovation that will build the systems of the future,” the group added.

NIRIG chair Rachel Anderson said: “There’s an urgent need to plan for the post-2020 world in which clean energy will be an engine for economic growth.

“A more diverse, flexible energy mix will increase energy security, as well as generating cheap power for consumers. This brings enormous economic opportunities to Northern Ireland by attracting regional investment, promoting innovation and developing skills.”

SOURCE: renews