Chile is breaking up with coal too

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Some coal break ups are a bigger deal than others.

When France, for example, announces it is phasing out coal, critics are right to point out that it runs largely on nuclear. When the UK pushes its coal phase out plans, it’s fair to point out that much of the heavy lifting has already been done.

Chile, however, is another matter. It currently gets between 35-40% of its electricity from coal, and Business Green reports that the country’s environment minister has just hailed “the beginning of the end of coal”. Initially, this announcement means ending the development of new coal plants, but the country’s big energy players are also forming a working group to phase out existing coal plants too.

Of course, it could entirely be coincidence, but Chile has undergone a massive solar boom in recent years, and acting as it does as a key supplier of lithium, it would not shock me to hear that battery storage will be a big part of its future too.

Meanwhile, there’s not much news from the Trump-Poland pact to promote ‘clean’ coal internationally.

It’s almost as if the rest of the world knows that it doesn’t make sense.

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