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The world’s first biodegradable sneakers are here

Blueview sneakers are the first biodegradable sneakers in the world. These sneakers are made entirely out of plant-based materials, which means we can make anything sustainable if we’re bold enough. According to Inhabitat, these sneakers will completely break down when they’re exposed to air. Scientists worked for over six years to come up with a formula that uses plants to create a knitted upper material that can work on shoes.     The majority of shoes are made of petroleum-based plastics that don’t degrade even after hundreds of years. But, every single part of Blueview sneakers is completely compostable. Most importantly, the sneakers provide comfortable wear thanks to the soft and flexible knitted uppers. The insole is contoured to soften the steps, which all results in a comfortable fit. The sneaker design is simple and elegant. These sneakers can be worn everywhere, from a restaurant to a sailboat. Plus, 5% is donated to support ocean conservation efforts for every pair bought.  
  Source Green citizen