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A solid step towards Green recycling of Cosmetic waste

SINGAPORE, Apr. 15, 2021 -- Makeup Artist Association (Singapore) is pleased to announce its partnership with ACE Recycling Pte Ltd to help reduce cosmetics wastage in Singapore.

In order to tackle the hefty issue of cosmetics wastage in Singapore, Makeup Artist Association of Singapore (MAA) has partnered with ACE Recycling Pte Ltd, a fully integrated global recycling platform.

“Our partnership with ACE Recycling Pte Ltd brings us one step closer to finding a sustainable solution to the cosmetic industry’s waste problem, and we’re very excited to see what it leads to,” shares Minakshi Sengar, Director of Makeup Artist Association Singapore.

In 2019 alone, more than 140 million units of cosmetics packaging were sold, with more than half of them ending up in Pulau Semakau, Singapore’s only landfill. The issue of cosmetics waste is a major problem in the industry. With high costs that come with collecting, cleaning, and repurposing makeup containers (like powder compacts, lipstick tubes), many companies find it hard to dedicate resources towards greener disposal methods.

Although MAA has been working with makeup artists through smaller campaigns to reduce cosmetics waste for some years now, Minakshi shares that “more needs to be done on this front and eco-friendly ways must be explored to handle waste from the cosmetic industry.”

While searching for a solution that would be a viable and long-lasting one, MAA reached out to ACE Recycling Pte Ltd. They invest in clean technology, responsible recycling, and help organizations extract maximum value out of their waste without compromising on any of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects, while also providing traceability.

“We are excited to partner with MAA in developing a roadmap for the cosmetic industry to solve the issue of wastage,” shared Nishchay Chadha, CEO of ACE Recycling Pte Ltd.

Amongst other processes, ACE Recycling Pte Ltd is working on a plasma based solution, a waste-treatment technology that utilizes electricity to turn waste into usable by-products without the need for burning. This method does not combust or burn waste as incinerators do, thereby reducing the volume of waste sent to landfills.

Aside from liaising with companies to set up clean technology solutions in their warehouses, MAA is also committed to recycling brand-new leftover cosmetics, by donating them to needy families and communities.

  Source MAU Association