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Parcel Health unveils the Tully Tube: A sustainable twist on medication packaging

For years, the healthcare industry has grappled with the environmental burden of prescription medication packaging. Blister packs, vials, and plastic bottles have historically been the only option for medication packaging, resulting in mountains of plastic waste that pollute landfills and ecosystems. Parcel Health, a company on a mission to revolutionize sustainable medication packaging, is tackling this issue head-on with its innovative new product, the Tully Tube. The staggering amount of plastic used in traditional medication packaging is a growing concern. According to a recent study, the pharmaceutical industry in the United States alone generates billions of pounds of plastic waste annually. This plastic can take centuries to decompose, leaching harmful chemicals into the environment and posing a threat to wildlife. Parcel Health’s approach is to provide effective and convenient medication packaging solutions that minimize environmental impact. The company is a women-founded and led small business based in Pittsburgh, PA. One founder, herself a pharmacist, saw an opportunity to address the challenges of existing prescription bottles. Beyond the issue of plastic waste, she saw a need for improved functionality to benefit patients. Parcel Health’s first product, the Phill Box®, was an important step in this direction. It is made from water-resistant coated paper that is recyclable and compostable. It was the first of its kind to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional pill bottles and had an easy-open feature.  The Phill Box is currently used in pharmacies across the U.S. and Canada.   Now, Parcel Health is raising the bar by introducing the Tully Tube™, the only sustainable, paper-based pill bottle on the market.  The Tully Tube™is made with 53% less plastic than traditional plastic pill bottles and is compatible with automation equipment utilized by large pharmacies. The Tully Tube™ is coated with a water-resistant, compostable, and recyclable coating, protecting medications from moisture. At the end of use, patients can easily separate the plastic and paper tube components to allow for mono-material recycling and/or composting. Initial reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with many pharmacies already placing their initial orders. This represents a significant step forward in the pharmacy packaging industry. Soon, patients nationwide can take their medications without generating outsize and unnecessary plastic waste. Like all industries, the healthcare sector is facing pressure to accept its environmental responsibility. The general public is increasingly making purchasing decisions based on sustainability. Tully Tube provides pharmacies with a solution to align their operations with broader sustainability goals and puts the proof in their customer’s hands. Parcel Health’s innovative approach comes at a time when the demand for sustainable packaging solutions is booming. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, the healthcare industry is experiencing a shift towards eco-friendly practices. A recent report by Grand View Research predicts that the global sustainable packaging market will reach a staggering $261.9 billion by 2027. With Parcel Health’s growing product portfolio of sustainable packaging for pharmaceuticals, the company continues to push the boundaries of innovation in sustainable medication packaging to serve pharmacies and patients around the world.    
    Source  Happy Eco News