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EHL Group announces Azura Wave Energy, Australia’s first renewable energy solution that creates long-term Regional Jobs with Local technology

Australian and New Zealand based EHL Group have developed an offshore wave technology system to convert the abundant 24/7 potential energy for grid integration and produce zero emission potable water via new onboard desalination technology. AZURA reduces the impact on current water sources (artesian bores, environmental river flows, etc) assisting the water and energy supply security of Australian coastal towns and regional island communities. Identifying the ongoing challenges of climate change, and the need for emissions reductions, the systems have been under development since 2004 and are now Commercial Ready.  Rigorous development and engineering have expanded the system capabilities so the AZURA Wave Technology system can produce potable water, energy, or both from a single unit. Utilising the resource that surrounds us with higher efficiency, 24/7 uptime, and without the horizonal impact or land use of wind turbines and solar farms. AZURA is additionally suited to supply energy to forecast hydrogen production facilities in coastal locations, close to export gateways. The AZURA will form part of the supply mix ensuring energy supply if the sun is not shining or the wind not blowing.   [embed][/embed]   Following successful prototype ocean testing over 2 x 18 month deployments at the US Navy’s Wave Energy Testing Site (W.E.T.S) and third party validation from the University of Hawaii and University of Oregon, commercialisation is underway, EHL Group will now place an energy only unit at the W.E.T.S facility in Hawaii with co-funding and support from the US Department of Energy and US Navy. EHL are also hopeful of engaging support from Australian business and Government to assist the build and placement of a Water / Energy AZURA unit in the energy rich waters off Victoria. The AZURA is the first verified wave energy technology verified to supply energy to the US grid. EHL’s Australian Director, Michael Byrne stated “EHL plan to establish the key manufacturing facility for these and future units in Western Victoria to create long-term Regional jobs, community growth, and establishing a new export industry niche. Support from Councils and Regional business has been enthusiastic, but Australian renewables generation funding seems centred on wind and solar which are both predominately not made in Australia. EHL are passionate about retaining this opportunity here and investing in Australia’s future jobs growth and manufacturing capability, but we run the risk of this technology being lost offshore” With economic growth and environmental impact being critical at this time of focussed recovery, EHL Group encourages State and Federal Government to take action to further this project and maximise the positive results for long-term Australian jobs and industry. EHL Group are an Australian and New Zealand based engineering and project company with offices and workshops in Hamilton – Victoria, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand and New Plymouth, New Zealand.  
  Source: Eco Voice