New global survey reveals that everyone loves green energy — especially the Chinese

Updated by David Roberts: @drvox |   I have written many times about the high levels of public support in the US for renewable energy — support that has been strikingly consistent over the years, despite the lack of similar enthusiasm among policymakers. Now the Danish green energy company Ørsted (which used to be called Dong, back […]

Alliance seeks 50 signatories to commit to ending reliance on high carbon power source by next year’s UN climate summit

The UK and Canada have joined with 25 other nations and regional states to launch a new global alliance aimed at phasing out coal-fired power and weaning the world off the most carbon intensive form of electricity generation. The new group was officially launched on the sidelines of the COP23 Summit in Bonn on Tuesday, […]

London’s iconic red double-decker buses will soon run on a biofuel partially made from old coffee grounds

The fuel will be supplied by a demonstration project set up by Bio-bean Ltd., a London-based company that joined with Royal Dutch Shell Plc on the initiative. It will produce 6,000 liters (1,583 gallons) a year of the fuel.   “It’s got a high oil content, 20 percent oil by weight in the waste coffee grounds, so it’s […]

Global carbon emissions set to rise for first time in four years

After years of flat-lining, global carbon dioxide emissions are set to rise again in 2017 and hit a new record high, according to fresh data that seriously threatens international efforts to avert dangerous global warming. The Global Carbon Project’s 12th annual report unveiled this morning at the UN climate summit in Bonn suggests an increase in coal […]

Hack your carbon footprint: Top 10 eco-friendly life hacks

While it’s become more common to prioritize being environmentally friendly, it’s still not easy being green. Consumers are constantly bombarded with lengthy shopping receipts, grocery items triple-covered in plastic, Styrofoam packaging, and piles of bottles and cans that are displaced in regular trash dumps. So how can we make adjustments to live more sustainably and […]

HSBC pledges to deliver $100bn of green finance through to 2025

HSBC has become the latest banking giant to unveil sweeping new green investment plans, confirming today that it intends to deliver $100bn of low carbon and sustainable finance through to 2025. The company used the first day of the UN’s annual climate summit in Bonn to set a raft of green goals, including the commitment […]

Transforming a company from black energy to green energy

DONG Energy is becoming Ørsted – love your home Most of us could stand to make a few changes to our daily habits to better serve the environment. Very few corporate entities have been leaders in environmental activism – let alone energy companies. Ørsted, a Danish-based energy company supplying millions of Europeans, has proved that transformation […]

Plastic Pollution: Turning a Problem into a Solution

When it comes to plastic pollution, it turns out there is a list of worst offenders. According to new research, just 10 rivers — eight of them in Asia — are responsible for up to 95% of the plastics choking the world’s oceans. Famed waterways like the Yangtze in China and the Ganges in India are […]

European carmakers team up for high-power charging network

BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen have announced the creation of a European joint venture for the development of a high-power charging (HPC) network for electric vehicles. The aim is to provide Europeans with some 400 HPC stations by 2020. This new Munich-based joint venture headed by Michael Hajesch and Marcus Groll (who came from BMW […]

India pledges additional $100 million to UN sustainable development projects

India has pledged an additional $100 million towards the UN partnership fund. Significantly scaling up it’s support to the sustainable development projects across the developing world. The India-UN Development Partnership Fund was set up earlier this year between India and the United Nations Office. Multi-year Contributions Mr. Anjani Kumar, Counsellor at the Permanent Mission of […]