Kaer Water

Kaer Water is the latest offering from Kaer, which bundles all of our services into one comprehensive package. Put simply it is the outsourcing of your air-conditioning chilled water production to one trusted supplier.

Kaer will design, pay for, own, monitor and operate the chilled water plant system within the building and deliver reliable, constant chilled water as and when required by the air-conditioning equipment.

In providing this service, the building owner is spared capital investment for purchasing, upgrading, retrofitting, or repairing chilled water plant equipment, and allows our clients to focus on their core business, knowing that a trusted chilled-water professional is ensuring the performance and efficiency of their comfort system.

To keep it simple, Kaer offers this service at a singe rate ($/RTH), which the building owner will apply to their consumption on a monthly basis. There is no minimum water consumption required, no complicated base rates or variable rates and no penalties involved.

Kaer Water currently serves over 2.5 Million square feet of space in the commercial, industrial and data centre sectors.

  • : Outsourcing ACMV
  • : ID| MY| SG
  • : Asia
  • : no
  • : All Kaer Water plants are Green Mark Platinum Standard.
  • 4. Kaer Water and Air Flyer



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