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All General Printed Matter

  • Type: Printing
  • Country: Australia,

Fishprint are committed to providing high quality print material without compromising on our environmental responsibilities. As an innovator in the Australian printing industry, Fishprint is committed to providing outstanding high quality printed material and is dedicated to delivering cost effective solutions to it’s clients. Our environmental policies promote the development of markets for environmentally responsible […]

Flooring Installation & Servicing

  • Type: Flooring Installation & Servicing
  • Country: ,

Mafi provides expert installation services by Mafi master crafts people. Installation involves the laying of our precision timber floorboards and application of the all-natural Mafi oil finish that is 100 percent free from chemicals. Mafi floors come with a pre-oiled surface finish, however on installation we apply a second coat to effectively eliminate dust, time, […]


  • Type: Grant application support
  • Country: Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People'S Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam,

You have the project idea, made all the necessary contacts with partners and suppliers and now you are ready to submit your renewable energy project for financing under a grant programme, like ElectriFY or similar. However, preparing a grant project application can take time a lot of time and human resource efforts that may not […]


  • Type: development consulting
  • Country: Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People'S Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam,

In most developing countries, renewable energy resources (RES) are essential not only to increase security and reliability of energy supply, but also to meet the challenges faced by climate change. Despite already proven market solutions, the RES potential in many developing countries is untapped, in many cases due to cheap conventional energy as well as […]


  • Type: Research
  • Country: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, French Guiana, French Southern Territories, Greece, Haiti, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of, Martinique, Mauritius, Moldova, Republic of, Myanmar, Philippines, Russian Federation, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Tajikistan,

In developing and emerging economies, there is a lack of periodic sector-specific studies and when such studies exist their depth and focus is often insufficient with respect to the needs, e.g. for the purposes of preparing energy strategies, or in order to identify the costs and benefits of the introduction of an alternative fuel etc.  […]

Kaer Water

  • Type: Outsourcing ACMV
  • Country: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,

Kaer Water is the latest offering from Kaer, which bundles all of our services into one comprehensive package. Put simply it is the outsourcing of your air-conditioning chilled water production to one trusted supplier. Kaer will design, pay for, own, monitor and operate the chilled water plant system within the building and deliver reliable, constant […]

Energy-Smart Architectural Design

  • Type: Design
  • Country: United Kingdom,

We offer a full architectural service for energy-smart buildings, taking projects from concept to completion.  Our speciality is sustainable, low-energy design, and we use a variety of design principles and green technologies to create spaces which are high on wellbeing and low on carbon and utility costs. Optimised orientation and layout, extensive double glazing, super […]

Thermal Comfort Simulation

  • Type: Building Simulation
  • Country: India,

Maintaining thermal comfort for occupants of buildings or other enclosures is one of the important goals of design teams. We at EEES, assist our clients to achieve the acceptable thermal comfort values as per ASHRAE and NBC codes. With the help of 3D simulation tools, we analyze the thermal comfort levels considering all interior and […]

Electricity Supply Services

  • Type: Electric utility
  • Country: Australia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, United States,

You don’t need a roof to go solar. Sun Electric’s platform connects rooftop owners that collect solar energy to consumers that want clean energy through our innovative SolarSpace technology.  With four different Solar packages we try to meet the needs of each and every electricity consumer.   SolarFlex – Suitable for consumers who require no guarantee or […]

Shading Analysis

  • Type: Building Simulation
  • Country: India,

Shading depends entirely on a building’s use and local climatic conditions. For example, in a multistory open-plan office building in a relatively warm climate, the occupancy and equipment gains may mean that heating is rarely required. In this situation, to avoid unnecessary loads, shading may be designed to completely protect windows all year-round. Our expert […]

Daylight & Artificial Lighting Simulation

  • Type: Simulation
  • Country: India,

Daylight & Lighting Simulation is utilized to optimize lighting levels inside the building. Optimum day lighting reduces the energy required for lighting building interiors. We perform detailed room-by-room or space-by-space daylight & artificial lighting simulations. Based on the achieved lux values we recommend optimization of window and skylight dimensions and locations in order to maximize […]

Green Building Facilitation

  • Type: Consultancy
  • Country: India,

Eco Energy Expert Services LLP provides complete end to end solutions for Green Building Certifications of both new as well as existing buildings. Green Building Consultancy includes: USGBC (United States Green Building Council) IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) The process begins with the feasibility of the project and […]

The Green Wave

  • Type: The Green Wave
  • Country: Singapore,

Multi Angled Approach Towards Sustainability Service gallery: Type: The Green Wave Country where Service being offered: SG Region: Asia : no Please provide a brief explanation as to how your product is eco-friendly: We replace existing plastic materials with bio-based & bio-degradable solutions. PDF Catalogue: Ecospace-Brochure-RazaShark-edit-01c-demo

Sustainability Reporting

  • Type: Sustainability reporting
  • Country: ,

ESP was developed by JLL as a specialist sustainability reporting tool for real estate industry clients, and as such, it is structured in such a way as to simplify the process of data collection, tracking, recording, analysis, reporting and action. ESP has a series of standardized reports/graphics, along with customizable views which allow end users […]

NABERS Certification

  • Type: Certification
  • Country: Australia,

  The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) is a national rating system that measures the environmental performance of Australian buildings, tenancies and homes.. With widespread adoption by the commercial property industry and now a requirement under the Commercial Building Disclosure program, NABERS has been a key part of driving improved environmental performance in […]

Whole Building Energy Simulation

  • Type: Energy Simulation
  • Country: India,

EEES provides energy simulation services as per various green building certification guidelines. In addition to that, we help design teams to understand the performance of their design and assist them to build a more efficient structure and systems. Our team of experts study and analyze the building design and suggest cost effective energy efficient measures. […]

Green Mark Certification

  • Type: Certification
  • Country: Singapore,

BCA Green Mark, developed and administered by Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is an internationally recognised sustainability rating system applicable to new buildings and fitouts (Design and Construction) and  existing building performance.  BCA Green Mark has been providing meaningful differentiation of buildings in the real estate market for more than ten years and continues […]

Green Star Certification

  • Type: Certification
  • Country: Australia,

Green Star, developed and administered by the Green Building Council of Australia is an internationally recognised sustainability rating system applicable to the Design, Construction and Operation of Buildings, Precincts and Fitouts.  The aim of this tool is to guide project teams to make conscious decisions around energy & water efficiency, material & equipment selection with […]

LEED Certification

  • Type: Certification
  • Country: Australia, Malaysia, Singapore,

 JLL has a strong track record in helping owners and occupiers achieve targeted LEED and other green building certifications across commercial, retail and logistics facilities. Our ambition to deliver the highest standards to clients worldwide through our sustainability expertise was demonstrated when we became the world’s top employer of LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Associates.  […]

Solar Leasing PPA

  • Type: Solar Leasing PPA
  • Country: ,

We offer solar leasing proposals to eligible customers. We would invest, operate and maintain the solar systems at our own cost. With a minimal investment the customers can have a system designed and installed on their roofs. Customers would only pay for the green energy consumed which would be metered and billed at either a […]