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LIFE – Remote Diagnostic and Preventive Monitoring Service

Manufacturer / Supplier

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LIFE – Remote Diagnostic and Preventive Monitoring Service

Emerson Network Power’s remote service delivery is enabled by LIFE™, which provides remote diagnostics and preventive monitoring service for UPS and thermal management equipment.

Through the data transferred from your equipment via LIFE, our remote service experts gain the real-time insight and information needed to quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve any irregularities that may arise in operation, ultimately taking responsibility for your critical assets 24/7.

With LIFE you can be sure to experience enhancements in both uptime, as well as operational efficiency, giving you unparalleled system protection and support, for complete peace of mind.

All equipment embedded with LIFE maintains constant contact with Emerson Network Power’s Service organization.

Minimize Energy Consumption of your Equipment

Having LIFE embedded in our UPS and thermal management units is like having a virtual engineer on site 24/7. The continuous monitoring of all relevant parameters in turn maximizes unit performance, reducing the operating expenditure and total cost of ownership

  • Type: Remote Diagnostic and Preventive Monitoring

  • Brand Name: Emerson Network Power

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