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Green Certification:
Green Label Singapore
Dulux Professional Diamond StainResist

Manufacturer / Supplier

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Dulux Professional Diamond StainResist

Dulux Professional Diamond StainResist is a premium quality washable paint for interior walls. It has an elegant sheen finishing and is specially formulated with outstanding scrubbability. Its StainResist™ film technology enable early stain resistance and delay stains from penetrating deep into the paint film. It is suitable for both new and suitably primed existing masonry and building board surfaces.


  • Type: Acrylic Emulsion Paint

  • Brand Name: Dulux Professional

  • Region: Asia

  • Colour: Refer to Colour Collaterals

  • General Use: Ideal for new and previously painted interior masonry, plaster, and building boards surfaces.

  • Application Method: By roller, brush or conventional/airless spray.

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Green Certification:
Green Label Singapore

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