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You have the project idea, made all the necessary contacts with partners and suppliers and now you are ready to submit your renewable energy project for financing under…

Location: Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People'S Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Region: Asia


In most developing countries, renewable energy resources (RES) are essential not only to increase security and reliability of energy supply, but also to meet the challenges faced by…

Location: Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People'S Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Region: Asia


In developing and emerging economies, there is a lack of periodic sector-specific studies and when such studies exist their depth and focus is often insufficient with respect to…

Location: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, French Guiana, French Southern Territories, Greece, Haiti, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of, Martinique, Mauritius, Moldova, Republic of, Myanmar, Philippines, Russian Federation, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Tajikistan

Region: Asia

Electricity Supply Services

You don’t need a roof to go solar. Sun Electric’s platform connects rooftop owners that collect solar energy to consumers that want clean energy through our innovative SolarSpace…

Location: Australia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, United States

Region: Asia

Solar Leasing PPA

We offer solar leasing proposals to eligible customers. We would invest, operate and maintain the solar systems at our own cost. With a minimal investment the customers can…

Region: Asia

Building Commissioning & Energy Audits

At Eco Energy Expert Services LLP (EEES), we have a very strong commissioning and energy audit background for both electrical and mechanical systems. We cover all types of…

Location: India

Region: Asia

Solar Energy Solution

Helios PV (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd provide solar energy solution for different types of application including gird-tied system, off-grid system and hybrid system. The solar energy soluton can…

Region: Asia

Energy Efficiency Services

We are a consulting organization based out in India. We have a rich portfolio in simulation services (Energy, Daylight, Thermal, CFD and Heat Transfer), design services (Rain water…

Renewable Energy Microgrids Solution Provider

From our Singapore headquarters, we serve customers throughout South East Asia and the Pacific who either have no mains electrical grid access, or access to only a weak…

Integrated Smart Building Provider

By integrating a variety of best-of-breed solutions from a global partner ecosystem and then operating these solutions in a holistic manner, we will deliver value-based sustainability solutions for…